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Meet Midland Texas, America's Newest, Richest City

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America's richest city is now Midland Texas
What's America's newest, richest city? If you said Miami Beach, or even Beverly Hills, you're way off the mark. The newest richest city in America looks like anything but that, yet it's true. The recent shale oil and gas boom has propelled Midland, Texas into the top spot, richer than Silicon Valley, even.

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Quality Control Managers Salaries on the Rise

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Quality control managers salaries are gaining fast
Wages for all types of jobs in all types of industries are on the rise, and this includes quality control managers. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a production manager is now almost $100,000 per year.

Read all about it at BrownPetro.com.

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Petrochemical Industry Booming in Houston

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The petrochemical industry is providing countless jobs
The shale oil boom is huge, and nowhere is it having a greater impact than in Houston, Texas. In fact, Houston is now rated as the #1 city to live in both for jobs and increasing income levels.

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This Mechanical Engineer Strikes it Big in Oil and Gas

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Mechanical Engineer John Zahary
There are more and more stories turning up every day about how mechanical engineers are finally getting their due, especially in the booming oil and gas business.  While most stories focus on the US, the story is about a mechanical engineer in Canada. 

Read the whole story at BrownPetro.com.

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers Launches Social Media Network

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New American Society of Mechanical Engineers social network
ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, has gone social.  The society has added a whole new array of social media networking features to its website which will allow engineers to meet up, exchange information, and even work together with colleagues all over the world.

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Where the Mechanical Engineering Jobs Are, 2014

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Mechanical engineering jobs are varied
One thing’s for sure, to start with just theoretical principles on an electronic device and to end up with a real-world solution: that takes real skill.  But this is what mechanical engineers do every day?  It’s not easy though, and this is just one of the reasons mechanical engineering jobs are on the rise.

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Chemical Engineers Cashing In for 2013

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Well not really, but it is true that not only have salaries for chemical engineers skyrocketed since 2011, they are especially high in the oil and gas business of Texas.  The Department of Labor reports that median salaries for chemical engineers in 2013 increased by 9 percent to $120,000 annually.  On top of that, unemployment in the field has dropped from 2.8 percent in 2011 to just 2.1 percent in 2013.

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21 Jul 2014 More

Welding Jobs in High Demand

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Welding jobs are abundant
On the surface it would seem like the fallout from the Great Recession left all job markets in tatters.  While in some industries this is of course true, for welders the job market has never been better. Read the whole story at BrownPetro.com

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Shale Boom Increases Demand for Electrical Work

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Duties for electrical work
Everyone’s getting in on the action from the new shale boom and that means electricians too. Electrical work in what used to be dimly lit parts of Texas is on the rise as satellite maps show what looks like whole new cities at night sprawling across South Texas.

Read the whole story at BrownPetro.com.

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Best Android Mechanical Engineering Apps

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The best mechanical engineering apps
If you’re a mechanical engineer you know, no matter how big your brain is there is just no way you can memorize all the laws and formulae.  When it comes to making correct calculations, there’s no reason not to let an App help you get the fastest and most accurate data.

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Books in the Spotlight: 'The Boom' by Russell Gold

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Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is the controversial new method for drilling oil and natural gas that is not just changing America, it's changing the world. Even though fracking has been in use in mass since the 1960s, it is only in the last few years that is has risen to global prominence.

Love it or leave it, fracking is here to stay.

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Thanks, South Texas Oilfield Expo!!!

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Brown would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the recent South Texas Oilfield Expo. The show was a great success and we met all kinds of interesting people from all over the world.

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5 Largest Oil Companies in the World

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Image shows an oil storage unit at one of the largest oil companies in the world
If you've ever wondered what the largest oil companies in the world are, chances are you didn't get it right. It's not one you see every day, like Texaco or Shell. Some of the world's largest oil companies are household names while others are not. Here is a list of the 5 biggest oil companies in the world.

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Engineering Jobs & the School of Mines

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Students consider engineering jobs
It wasn’t even ten years ago when the Colorado School of Mines graduated just 30 students from its petroleum engineering program.  This year alone there are 200 students in that same junior class.  Engineering jobs, everything from petroleum engineering and chemical engineering to mechanical engineering, are on the rise.

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Book of the Day: Pipe Fitters Blue Book

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The Pipe Fitters Blue Book

The Pipe Fitters Blue Book

They don't call it "The Bible" for nothing. W.V. "Duffy" Graves, author of The Pipe Fitter's Blue Book, taught pipe fitting at Lee College in Baytown, Texas, a suburb of Houston. He is considered among his peers to be the leader in the field of pipe fitting.

Read all about the Pipe Fitters Blue Book at BrownTechnical.org.

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5 Best Pipe Fitters Books in Print Today

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1. The Pipe Fitter's Blue Book

The Pipe Fitters Blue Book
They don't call it "The Bible" for nothing. W.V. "Duffy" Graves, author of The Pipe Fitter's Blue Book, taught pipe fitting at Lee College in Baytown, Texas, a suburb of Houston. He is considered among his peers to be the leader in the field of pipe fitting.

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3 Oilfield Jobs in Highest Demand

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Image of rig for oilfield jobs
Believe it or not, the US is about to overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest oil producing country. This means jobs, and lots of them. When it comes to oilfield jobs, you may be surprised which are the most in demand.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Become an Electrician

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An electrician at work
The oil & gas industry is booming.  As such, there is a job shortage and America needs all the skilled workers it can find. Electricians are just one of the many trades in high demand today. Here are 5 great reasons why you should think about becoming an electrician, everything from job security to high-paying salaries.

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Geologist Salaries Continue to Move Higher

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Geologists at work
Even with the economic slowdown of 2009, Geologist salaries are still up by as much as 50 percent compared to the year 2000.  In fact, average salaries 14 years ago for geologists, which sat at around $53,000, are now in the $83,000 range. Now is a great time to think about becoming a geologist, both for the high salaries, for job security, and for opportunities of advancement.

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Join Brown at the South Texas Oilfield Expo - July 9-10

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South Texas Oilfield Expo 2014

Come See Brown Book Shop in Booth #727

If you can’t make it to the Tulsa Oilfield Expo in June, then come see us at the South Texas Oilfield Expo in July.  This year’s event will be in sunny San Antonio, home of Seaworld, Six Flags, and the Alamo.

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Brown Book Shop in Houston Downtown Magazine Summer 2014

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Brown Book Shop and Houston's Downtown Magazine

Back to the Future

That's right, Brown Book Shop is going back to the Future in the summer edition of Houston's Downtown Magazine. The summer issue boasts of reflecting on Houston's past while at the same time looking to the future. Brown Book Shop just happens to fit the bill on both accounts.

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5 Jul 2014 More

Radioactive Oilfield Waste Discovered in North Dakota

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Radioactive oilfield waste is quite common

North Dakota officials are reporting what might be the largest cache of radioactive oilfield waste has been discovered.  These oil filter socks are the nets that strain liquids during oil production.


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4 Jul 2014 More

Viking Offshore Strengthens Partnership

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A Viking Offshore vessel

Viking Offshore & Marine announces it will further strengthen its relationship with its Singapore partner Mr. Chan Kwan Bian.  The company says it will participate in a second cantilever drilling jack-up rig with offshore veteran Chan.

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3 Jul 2014 More

Wood Group Opens New Training Facility

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The Wood Group logo
A new training facility in Kenedy, Texas has opened for Eagle Ford shale workers with Wood Group. The 16,000 sq. ft. facility will host educational programson health, safety, and environment.

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2 Jul 2014 More

Did Chesapeake Energy Sell Its Soul?

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Chesapeake Energy flag flying high
Aubrey McClendon might have vacated his role as CEO of Chesapeake Energy last year, but he’s not done yet with the company he co-founded.  Now as a major stakeholder, he’s back.

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1 Jul 2014 More

American LNG to Rival Russia in Europe

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LNG in America gaining
The liquefied natural gas (LNG) business in the US is growing so fast that many experts believe it may soon rival that of Russia in the European market.  American gas is likely to make a serious challenge to the more expensive supply currently provided by Russia.

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