19 Sept 2014 More

iPhone 6 Goes on Sale Today

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iPhone6 on sale now
Today is the day the new iPhone6 will be released worldwide, and while it is much anticipated for its bigger screen, the jury is still out on whether or not the rollout is much ado about nothing.

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17 Sept 2014 More

What's Next, Flying Robots?

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That's right. First we brought you robots that run and do somersaults. Then we brought you a guitar that flies. Now, it seems the logical next step is a robot that can fly. This is not science fiction; this is the real deal.

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15 Sept 2014 More

BOOM Event Great Success!

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THE BOOM was a great success!
Sponsored by the SPE, Russell Gold spoke to a packed house of more than 150 at the Petroleum Club in downtown Houston on Sept. 11. 
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10 Sept 2014 More

New High-Tech Robot Runs, Does Somersaults

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Move over Robocop, there's a new sheriff in town and his name is ACHIRES. Engineers from the University of Tokyo have created a brand new robot that doesn't just run, it does somersaults too.

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9 Sept 2014 More

Meet the Sturgis: The World's Only Floating Nuclear Reactor

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The Sturgis en route
No, it's not the Philadelphia Experiment, but it is one of a kind: a nuclear power plant built on a cargo ship. It's called the Sturgis, named after a three-star general, and now its heading toward Galveston, Texas to be disassembled after 50 years.

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5 Sept 2014 More

New Poll Shows Americans Support Offshore Drilling

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Offshore drilling platform
A new poll conducted by Harris Interactive shows that more than two-thirds of Americans, 68 percent to be exact, support offshore drilling here in the US. The poll, taken by Harris for the American Petroleum Institute (API), also shows that most voters would vote for a political candidate who also supports offshore drilling in the US.

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2 Sept 2014 More

Engineering a Siege: The Battle of Alesia

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The Battle of Alesia
Engineering was not just an important part of everyday life for the Roman Empire, it was the backbone of its military strength as well. Nowhere were the stakes higher, and nowhere did the genius of Roman engineering play more a part in victory than at the Battle of Alesia.

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