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American Society of Mechanical Engineers Launches Social Media Network

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New American Society of Mechanical Engineers social network
ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, has gone social.  The society has added a whole new array of social media networking features to its website which will allow engineers to meet up, exchange information, and even work together with colleagues all over the world.

The new functions are for members and non-members as well.  Anyone interested in registering can do so at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers website.

Users are invited to create professional profiles and the site even has a dashboard  for sharing.  Signing up is fast and easy and information can even be imported from an already existing LinkedIn account.  With more than 250 groups already in place, topics ranging from design engineering to women’s interests are just a few of the features now presented by the society.

A fast start

Already the site is popular with more than 32,000 engineers having registered on the new platform.  New groups are popping up fast.

“ASME is proud to offer the global engineering community this unique experience,” says Thomas G Loughlin, executive director of ASME. “We’re introducing an array of social networking features with an in-depth focus on facilitating dialogue across a broad range of topics that are of critical importance to anyone with an interest in engineering. They will transform the way engineers engage with one another, and are a testament to the power of collaboration. Indeed, engineers are inventing the future.”

Besides the profile and dashboard features, ASME groups allow for professionals to sign up for as many groups as they like.  They can even create their own group.  A group directory allows for users to search for potential contacts, commenting allows users to share their thoughts and ideas.

“The new website will be a magnet for engineers, prompting discussions that matter,” says Peter Hess, Managing Director of Marketing and Online Services for ASME. “Incorporating powerful new digital features, the new ASME website makes engineering collaboration easier and more convenient than ever before.”

About the ASME

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers was established back in 1880 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping its members advance their careers.  The ASME publishes codes and standards as well as other industry publications.  It sponsors conferences and continuing education as well as professional development.

For more information on mechanical engineering, careers, industry outlooks, and publications, please visit the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at ASME.org.

by Philip Loyd, Brown Editor

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