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Best Android Mechanical Engineering Apps

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The best mechanical engineering apps
If you’re a mechanical engineer you know, no matter how big your brain is there is just no way you can memorize all the laws and formulae.  When it comes to making correct calculations, there’s no reason not to let an App help you get the fastest and most accurate data.

1. Mechanical Engineering Magazine

In mechanical engineering there is no better authority than the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and no better source than the society’s own publication, the Mechanical Engineering Magazine.  This great app is a one-click source to all the best articles and reference material.

2. Mechanical Engineering 101

This great App is developed by Wagmob, a leader in both learning and teaching facilities.  It covers such topics as fluid mechanics, machine design, manufacturing science, thermodynamics and a whole lot more. 

3. Engineering Unit Converter

This great tool is rated best unit converter App among mechanical engineers.  The EUC can convert all known units and is even updated once per month.  If you cannot find a unit, the developer welcomes you to email any questions you may have.

4. CAD View 3D MFC

While this App is not free, it’s worth every penny.  Mechanical engineers can use it to view 3D files of AUTOCAD, CATIA, ProEngineer, IDEAS, UG II, and more.  Using the popular Android operating system, it can be viewed on any handheld, mobile device including smartphones and tablets. 

5. Autodesk ForceEffect Motion

Rated the best free Android App for designers of joints and other various mechanical structures, the Autodesk ForceEffect Motion Android App is a great tool for designing kinematic links and solving functional equations.  It works on any smartphone or tablet running on the Android operating system. 

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