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5 Best Pipe Fitters Books in Print Today

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1. The Pipe Fitter's Blue Book

The Pipe Fitters Blue Book
They don't call it "The Bible" for nothing. W.V. "Duffy" Graves, author of The Pipe Fitter's Blue Book, taught pipe fitting at Lee College in Baytown, Texas, a suburb of Houston. He is considered among his peers to be the leader in the field of pipe fitting.

Graves was a pipe fitter for more than 25 years. It was Graves himself who saw the the need for an easy-to-use yet comprehensive reference manual that was so compact it could be carried by workers in the field. Graves also wrote the book's companion, The Pipe Fabricators Blue Book.

The book itself is a pocket-size reference manual that is not only durable, it's water resistant. It's chalk-full of charts and illustrations like solving rolling offsets, centers of 15o, 22-1/2o and 60o butt weld elbows cut from a 90o elbow. Included are layouts for a true Y layout, common pipe angles and their solutions, special offsets and solutions, mitered pipe cuts, and multi-piece mitered turns, just to name a few.

2. The Pipe Fabricator's Blue Book

Speak of the Devil.  It's W.V. "Duffy" graves again with the aforementioned companion to his original text, The Pipe Fabricators Blue Book.

The book is not only easily accessible, it's durable and water resistant too. This pocket-size reference manual contains tables and diagrams useful for pipe fabrication. Includes ordinates for schedule 10S risers, schedule 20 risers,schedule weight risers, concentric tee ordinates sted. & X.S., ordinates for extra stron risers, and dummy leg support on 90 degree L.R. elbows type #4 elbow laying flat.

3. The Pipe Fitter's Manual

No, the number three spot is not once again by W.V. "Duffy" Graves.  This time, in our number three position, it's the Pipe Fitters Manual, from Sypris Technologies and Tube Turns Products.  Sypris' Tube Turns division has more than 50 years experience in the business.




4. NAVCO Piping Datalog

Navco, the National Valve and Manufacturing Co., presents its bestseller, the Navco Piping Datalog.

This Datalog is presented to the engineer responsible for the design and operation of safe and efficient piping systems with the hope that it will facilitate the burdensome tasks peculiar to piping layout.
Painstaking efforts have been made to assemble such standards, technical data, charts and recommendations as are necessary to cope with the diverse problems in Power Plant and Industrial Piping, many of which, due to the variations in pressures and temperatures, are of a highly specialized nature.

5. IPT's Pipe Trades Training Manual

IPT’s Pipe Trades Handbook and Training Manual combine all the essentials of other reference books, plus so much more. Topics include pipe and tube data, valves, fittings, flanges and gaskets, offsets and calculations—the answers to all your questions. You’ll especially appreciate the pipe layout, piping prints, oxy-acetylene set-up, pipe welding and pipe rigging sections, which are easy to understand, yet extremely detailed.


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by Philip Loyd, Brown Editor

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