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Man return 57 Year-old Receipt to Brown Book Shop

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Dr. George Rose, formerly of Houston, Texas, returned a 57-year-old receipt to the Brown Book Shop in February after reading an article about Brown in the Houston Chronicle.  The receipt was dated July 24, 1957.

Dr. Rose, who was just visiting Houston at the time, said he saw the article and it brought back fond memories of his time here when he used to frequent the bookstore, which at that time was located on Fanin St. in downtown.

So what books did Dr. Rose purchase at Brown almost 60 years ago?  Along with the Collected Poems of TS Eliot, he also purchased Portrait of the Artist by Dylan Thomas and a copy of the Canterbury Tales.

What did Dr. Rose pay for the books?  All told, his bill came out to just $12.  Remember, these were rare books, most certainly high-quality, hardback editions.  Today, a collectible like The Canterbury Tales can easily go for hundreds of dollars.  How much did Dr. Rose pay?  $1.25.  No wonder he had such fond memories of Brown Book Shop.

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