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Women in Business - Petrobas CEO Maria das Gracas Silva Foster

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Image of Petrobas CEO Maria das Gracas Silva FosterMaria das Gracas Silva Foster is not just another woman in business, she's a world leader. As CEO of Brazilian giant Petrobas, she's the only female head of a major oil and gas company, but her story begins not with a stories childhood, but a struggle.

As a child, Foster lived in the slums of Rio de Janeiro known as Complexo do Alemano. It was here that her mother instilled in her the virtues that helped her make her way all the way to the top of the business world: hard work, perseverance, and a can-do attitude.

In the beginning

There's no better place to start on your way to the top than at the bottom, and that's exactly where Foster had her beginnings. After getting her BS in chemical engineering (and a master's in nuclear engineering), Foster joined on with Petrobas in 1978. It's needless to sat she walked right into a man's world.

She began as a simple intern and by 1981 she was hired on full time. But it wasn't until 1998 when she met Dima Rousseff (now the president of Brazil), that her life really took off. At that time Rousseff was an energy official in the Brazilian government.

Foster's climb to the top

After many years of hard work an dedication, in 2012 Foster was elected to the board of directors of Petrobas and made CEO where she replaced outgoing chief Jose Sergio Gabrielli. Now, she runs a company with more than $100 billion in assets ans $141 billion in annual revenue.

How far can Foster rise in the business world? For a woman who entered the oil and gas business in a male-oriented environment back in 1978, it seems the sky is the limit. There's really no telling how high this female exec can fly, perhaps even to become the second woman president of Brazil.

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