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Big Money for Your BS in Petroleum Engineering

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Want to make big money right out of college?  If so, then you might want to know that the highest paying jobs straight out of college (with just your bachelor’s degree) are in petroleum engineering.  Graduates coming out of the New Mexico Technical College are getting initial offers as high as $80,000 per year.

That comes to $1500 per week.  That’s pretty good for just a 4-year degree.  And the cost of getting such a degree is quite reasonable when you consider you can take your first two years’ courses at a local community college.

But becoming a petroleum engineer isn't all about the money.  With the oil business expected to boom over the next few decades, job security and opportunity for advancement are also high on the list.  The University of Oklahoma Petroleum Engineering program is also graduating its students directly into the job market.

Petroleum affects all aspects of society

Whether you know it or not, petroleum products are at work in almost every aspect of your life.  The price for a barrel of oil directly influences the price for a gallon of milk.  Most everything from the clothes you wear to the food you eat has to be transported, and this is where the oil comes in.  So goes the price of oil, so goes the price for just about every goods and service you can imagine.

Studying to be a petroleum engineer means being able to locate and identify most all locations where oil can be found.  Petroleum engineers often work side by side with geologists when it comes to identifying oil deposits in rock formations.

The job also requires training in mechanics and economics.  You must know not just how to find the oil, but if it will be economically viable to do so.  This means extensive training in the fields of chemistry, mathematics, physics, geology, rock mechanics and thermodynamics, as well.  But the pay is well worth it.

According to the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the average salary for a petroleum engineer in 2012 was $166,753.  To get more information on what it means to be a petroleum engineer, please check out the society’s website at SPE.org.

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